Medical and Academic Transcription

How our transcription works for you:

  • We work together to ensure your scope, costs and time constraints are met
  • You upload your files securely via our client login page and receive confirmation of this upload (click here to login)
  • We convert the file into the desired format for transcription (if needed)
  • We listen to your file, interpret and transcribe the content either strict or intelligent verbatim (your preference to be requested at quote stage)
  • Your transcript is prepared in a format or template of your choosing providing it is within our software constraints
  • We review the transcript on completion for quality assurance
  • We identify and correct any inconsistencies, errors and omissions
  • If for any reason, you are not happy with the final product, the quality is not up to scratch or an error is found, contact us and we will rectify immediately any issues at no extra cost to you
OneSource Admin Services offer medical and academic transcription services for medical practitioners, medical specialists and academics in the Scenic Rim region and Australia wide.
Whether you have patient files, Medico-Legal reports or one-on-one Q+A interviews, OneSource Admin Services can provide you with fast, professional and cost-effective transcription services.
We have the capability to transcribe any audio or video file by using conversion software to ensure we can upload it to be transcription ready. All major file formats can be transcribed including video files and files generated from smart phones, tablets, online recorded meetings via platforms such as Zoom and even videos uploaded to YouTube.
We will never outsource, send your work offshore or use unreliable voice to text technology which does not recognise your voice or accent.
Turnaround times depend on the length and/or the quality of the audio and video files you send us.
Each transcript is typed by one typist and edited by another for quality assurance. We do not charge you for the time it takes to proofread your document.

Our medical and academic transcriptionists offer excellence, fast delivery and accuracy backed by an extensive understanding of medical and industry specific terminology and are able to transcribe dicated:

  • Basic medical correspondence and medical reports
  • Large and often complex workplace injury reports
  • Interviews for theses, dissertations, projects or assessment pieces
  • Research interviews
  • Lecture and tutorial recordings
  • One-on-one Q+A interviews
  • Qualitative and quantitative interviews
  • Meetings containing 2-4 speakers
  • Focus group meetings

We are able to offer you urgent, same day or overnight medical and academic transcription services, as a once off, or as a retainer package for a discounted price.


  • Think of us as your extended team member, only calling upon us when you need us, and for a fraction of the cost of an employee.
  • We maintain our own professional development at no cost to you, so that we can better support you.
  • Our legal transcription service is based in the Scenic Rim area of Queensland but provide legal transcription services Australia wide.
  • Your confidentiality and personal information is secure. We will enter into a confidentiality agreement with you and will never outsource your work to third parties.


Step 1: You brief us on the scope of work you need and the timeframe for completion by filling out the enquiry form.

Step 2: We quote you based on the content type, audio quality, number of speakers and turnaround time depending on your work requirements and budget.

Step 3: Your audio is transcribed as per your instructions and reviewed for any errors before it is returned to you.
We will offer you a free edit round after we have thoroughly checked the quality and accuracy of our work and you have had the opportunity to clarify any words (if any) we have been unable to decipher before submitting our final draft.



  • We communicate your project’s progress with you whether this be daily, weekly or at your request. We achieve this by phone call, SMS or emailing a progress report. It is your choice.
  • We do this so we are absolutely sure we are delivering what you asked for.
  • We will send you a draft of the work so we can ensure we are on the right track and meeting your every need.
  • After we thoroughly check the quality and accuracy of our work, We submit the final document to you.
  • We are motivated perfectionists by nature and we do this in our own time.